6 December 2021

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Classes 5 and 6 spent the 24th November designing balloon buggies. These buggies represented the moon buggies they had learnt about whilst they've been studying space this term. 

They started off by looking at aerodynamics and what forces enabled cars to move and what features could make them go faster. 

Before designing their own balloon buggies, they looked at racing cars and considered their shape, design and aerodynamics. 

"We drew technical drawings from a bird’s eye view perspective and a side view. We then used our maths skills to work out the factors for an area of 96cm2. We then considered the best shape area for the balloon buggies and made our chassis. We used many recycled materials, such as, bottle tops to act as our wheels. The buggies were powered by breathing into a hose pipe with a balloon covering the end and this then inflated the balloon. When the air was released from the balloon, the buggy shot forward."



"We then had fun testing our balloon buggies to see how far they travelled. After everyone practised inflating and moving their buggies, we had a competition to see whose travelled the furthest. The winners were Rufus and Brodie who had the best balloon buggies! It was really fun making balloon buggies."  

by Rufus and Jason


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