Parent Governor Vacancy 

The Board of Governors for Milverton Community School and Pre-School currently has a vacancy for a Parent Governor. As a parent or carer of a pupil attending the school we would like to invite you to put your name forward for consideration.  

Parent Governor definition 

A Parent Governor is a parent or carer of a pupil attending the school who is elected by the other parents/carers to give a parental perspective in discussions and decisions. In addition, it would be expected that Parent Governors bring a range of skills that will help them to contribute effectively to the work of the Board of Governors.  

The Role of a Governor  

Governors carry out a thinking and questioning role, not a doing role – the Headteacher and staff are employed to do that.   They are appointed to:  

  1. make sure there is clarity in the vision, ethos and the strategic direction of the school;  

  1. hold the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and the performance management of the staff; and  

  1. make sure that the school spends its money effectively.  

What is expected from a Governor 

All governors are expected to:  

  • attend the full governor meetings that take place around twice a term (these are normally held on Wednesdays at school and run from 7-9pm) 

  • prepare fully for governor meetings by reading thoroughly the papers circulated in advance 

  • participate in discussions at meetings by questioning and challenging in a constructive manner 

  • review and agree policies and guidance, ensuring that the school is working effectively within legal frameworks  

  • participate in school visits to drive forward improvements 

  • attend an induction course and undertake other training to develop their knowledge and understanding of key areas such as safeguarding 

  • respond in a timely manner to all governor communication and have the use of a home PC to fully access the online hub governors use and email correspondence. 

In carrying out these duties all Governors are expected to:  

  • treat as confidential all information they acquire in their role as a governor 

  • always act in the best interests of all pupils in the school to better their outcomes 

  • be committed to upholding the values and ethos of their school   

Why do people do it?  

No single governor is expected to know everything about education and the law, finance and strategic planning in relation to schools.  They are part of a corporate body who have the combined experience, knowledge, skills and commitment to work together to meet these demands effectively.    

Governors are privileged to be able to see at first hand the impact of the hard work that they put into the strategic planning of the school.  Being a governor is also a great opportunity to give something back to the school and to take an active role in shaping the future and bettering the outcomes for all the pupils within the school and the wider school community.  

How Parent Governors are recruited 

The procedure for recruiting a Parent Governor is as follows: 

  • A letter is sent inviting nominations from parents and carers of a pupil attending the school.  

  • Candidates complete the nomination form and submit a brief summary of their knowledge and experience in areas that can contribute to effective governance, outlining their suitability for the role (100 words max). In the event of a ballot, see below, the summary will be distributed to all parents/carers in the school to help them to make an informed choice when voting.  

  • Where there is more than one candidate, all parents/carers will be invited to cast a vote in a secret ballot to decide which person in their opinion is the most suitable candidate for the role.  

  • The successful candidate will meet with the Chair of Governors upon appointment to learn about current priorities.  

How to apply 

If you are interested in becoming a Parent Governor for Milverton Primary, please complete the attached application form and disqualification disclaimer form and either: 

  1. email them to the Clerk to the Governors at  

  2. mark them for the attention of the Clerk to the Governors and hand them into the school office. 

Forms should be submitted in person or by email no later than 12 noon on Friday 20 October 2023  

If you wish to have an informal discussion about the roles and commitments of a parent governor, before applying, then do feel free to contact the Chair or Vice-Chair of Governors via the school office. 

Clerk to Governors


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