Welcome to Class 5

Welcome back to school everyone.  It has been a unique and unprecedented time recently but we are here to get everything back to a ‘new normal’.  My name is Peter Coupe and I am the Year 5 teacher, Assistant Head Teacher and mathematics coordinator here at Milverton Community Primary School.  

Your child has now entered the upper Key Stage 2 and we hope will eventually take on more responsibility and be a role model to the younger children across the school.  I expect the children to behave accordingly and use the empathy they have to show care for others before, during and after school.

Home learning is an important part of the partnership you have with school and helps your child develop many curriculum skills, self-discipline and personal organisation.  It is hoped that all the children will read regularly at home (15 minutes a day out loud to an adult who can ask questions about the text), practice their spellings (with an activity) and work on their mathematics knowledge, understanding and skills. I would be most grateful if you would you sign the reading record when your child has read to you.  A member of staff will review the reading records on Mondays.  Spellings will be sent out via ParentMail on Mondays and tested on Fridays.  A maths activity will be set on a Thursday to be completed by the following Tuesday giving the children Friday, Monday and Tuesday here at school to ask for help if it is needed.  Maths activities will often be set using MyMaths.co.uk.  Children will be rewarded for the homework completed on time. Unfortunately, we can not provide, at the moment, a computer session for children to complete MyMaths at school.  The support and encouragement you give to your child is very important and very much appreciated by all of us.

In Class 5 this year, the children will have the opportunity to be taught by a variety of people.  I will teach the majority of the time; however, Mrs Brierley will teach the class on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons with a coach from Premier Sports taking the children for a session of PE on Thursday.  Forest School is also due to begin again this year.  Please keep a close eye on the Friday Flier for when Class 5 will need their Forest School clothing.  The children will need to come dressed appropriately for outdoor learning (warm and dry) on our particular days, however, they will also need to bring their full school uniform in a separate bag in order to change at lunchtime.

Class 5 have PE sessions on Thursday afternoons (Premier Sports) and Friday afternoons but may do some extra sport during the week so can I please ask that their trainers in school every day.  If your child has long hair they will need to also have a hair band to tie it back.  If they have had their ears pierced and cannot remove the studs for PE then they will need to have micro pore tape or something similar to cover them up and avoid any nasty injury during the activities.

If there are any changes to you or your child’s circumstances then please email the school office accordingly.

Currently, communication is via email. If you have any general enquiries, please contact the school office email. If you have questions about your child's learning, please email the class email. Email addresses are below.

Thank you in advance for the time and effort you put in to support your child’s learning.  I look forward to meeting you.


Peter Coupe




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