Welcome to Reception Class

Welcome to Class R!  My name is Katy Smith and I am the Reception Class teacher here at Milverton Primary School, where I have worked for nearly 7 years.  I have previously worked elsewhere in Somerset, where I taught both KS1 and KS2 classes, so I have a full house of experience!  I am also the Early Years co-ordinator, working closely with our pre-school team to support the learning and transition of our newest school members, and Maths co-ordinator for the school.  In our class we also benefit from the support and skills of Miss Chiplin and Mrs Egerton, who work with us every day. 


In Class R, we love to learn through play, which we refer to as our ‘Own Learning’.  We are always embarking on new adventures, such as travelling the seven seas as pirates, exploring outer space or working out how to pull up an Enormous Turnip!  We all love to play and learn outdoors too, especially on the bikes, scooters and in our mud kitchen. We are a strong team and we enjoy planning exciting learning opportunities together by exploring and developing the children’s interests and challenging them to extend their learning by asking lots of questions!  


We really hope that Class R will be a fantastic first step into your child’s school journey and look forward to working with you to make it a true success. 


At present communication is via email. For general enquiries, please contact the school office and for questions about your child's learning, please send a message via the class email address. Email addresses are below. 






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