Welcome to Reception Class

We are a little different in Class R as the children are lucky enough to have not one, but two class teachers, forming a job share team.   Mrs Smith teaches on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Lewis teaches on a Thursday and Friday. Mrs Lewis has work at Milverton School for 9 years and is also the school SENCO. Mrs Smith has worked at Milverton School for nearly 6 years. However, we have known each other for many years having previously worked together in another school and enjoyed hundreds of cups of coffee and pieces of cake whilst our children play together!   


In our class we also benefit from the support and skills of Miss Chiplin,  Mrs Storrs-Fox and Mrs Egerton. We all love to play and learn outdoors, especially on the bikes, scooters and in our mud kitchen. We are a strong partnership and enjoy planning exciting learning opportunities together by exploring and developing the children’s interests and challenging them to extend their learning by asking lots of questions! 


Communication is via email currently. If you have a general enquiry, please call or email the school office. If you have a question about your child's learning please contact the class email. Email addresses are below.


Kate Lewis and Katy Smith





Class R Documents