At this time of home learning due to the coronavirus outbreak, our ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) Soo Egerton has put together a few documents for parents:

Wellbeing Documents

This year at Milverton School we have developed a strategy to increase wellbeing in our school community. Children learn better and adults work better when they feel fulfilled and have the tools be able to cope with the usual ups and downs of everyday life. The following are some of the things we have put in place:


Emotion Coaching

All staff have received training in Emotion Coaching. This is a technique that involves supporting children to recognise, understand and manage their feelings. It uses the analogy of a clenched fist for the brain, and explains the gradual and cumulative process of children becoming angry or anxious; this is termed 'flipping their lids' and gives them strategies of how they can regulate these upsetting emotions and bring their 'lids' back down.



Classes receive termly mindfulness sessions. Mindfulness is about teaching the children to engage in their senses and practise focusing on the present moment and not to worry about the past or the future. It teaches attention and concentration skills, increases self-awareness and teaches them ways of managing anxiety. It also teaches relaxation skills including breathing exercises. 



These are one to one sessions that children have with a TA trained in Emotional Literacy. The sessions can focus on self awareness, self regulation, social skills, self esteem. Usually, these sessions run for half and hour and run to 8 sessions.


Self Regulation Group

This is a group set up by the school's Occupational Therapist that supports children who find regulating their energy levels difficult after playtime and are not ready to concentrate. Children work with a trained TA for 5 to 10 minutes after break time and lunch using strategies to calm their mind and body for learning.


Forest School

For information on our wonderful Forest School sessions please go to our Forest School page



All children have been taught yoga.. As well as giving the children the opportunity to learn useful stretching and strength exercises, this combines useful techniques to relax the mind and body and give the children calming strategies that they can bring to the classroom.