At Milverton School we aim for our children to thrive holisitically as well as academically, so this year we have introduced Forest School sessions for all the classes. These half-termly sessions will focus on communication skills, team working, emotional coaching (resilience, emotional intelligence, self motivation and empathy) and curriculum based learning through physical activity. For example, linked to this term's Quest 'Journeys', the children may find themselves making maps, guiding eachother through blindfold trails, or describing how to find the way to hidden treasure. Bushcraft, outdoor art and gardening will also be involved!


We have been developing a Forest School area since September and it now has a canopy and fire circle, thanks to the hard work of a small group of children, the support of Milverton Saw Mill and help from a few parents. Protection from rain, a warm fire and the promise of hot chocolate should help us through the coming winter. Mr Wedderkopp