Welcome to Class 2

Hello, I am Rebecca McDonagh and I have the pleasure of teaching Class 2 this year. I have been at Milverton School for many years and am still as passionate about educating children as ever. I am a parent of children, one still at primary school and, therefore, always have in the forefront of my mind how I would like and expect my own children to be treated and taught and put this into practice in the classroom. 


As an early years specialist, I adopt a variety of teaching styles to ensure that the needs of all the children are met with a diverse and accessible curriculum.  


As the curriculum expectations increase, I develop each child’s learning by building upon their previous skills.  I aim to develop the children’s independence and their growth mindset so that they can take on challenges and become more reflective learners. In Class 2, I want the children to feel safe and that they belong and are valued. 


We are very fortunate in Class 2 as we have Miss Davy, Mrs Hards and Mrs Cutler working with us during the week, to support, challenge and extend our learning.  We work closely with the Class 1 team on our shared quest learning to give the children a creative and varied learning experience across the year.   


Communication continues to be via email at the moment.  If you have any general enquiries please email the school office.  If you have a query about your child’s learning please email the Class 2 email.  Email addresses below. 


Rebecca McDonagh 






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