Welcome to Class 4

My name is Jane Nicholls and I currently have the pleasure of teaching Class 4 at Milverton Primary School. It’s such a wonderful place to work, I have been here teaching and learning with the children since 2007!


We are very fortunate in Class 4 to have Mrs Downs, Mrs Farrow and Mrs Storrs-Fox working with us to support, challenge and extend our learning. The transition from Class 3 to Class 4 is smooth, as we work closely as a LKS2 Phase Team and take part in shared Quest learning throughout the year. We have 4 drivers which help to steer our curriculum, these are – The Arts, Learning Outside the Classroom, Cultural Diversity and Personal & Learning Thinking Skills. We have amazing grounds and try to utilise them as much as possible, so we take our learning outside when we can!


As the curriculum content and learning expectations increase, we aim to develop each child’s independence, growth mindset and encourage the children to take responsibility for themselves and their classroom. We understand that the children learn best in a happy, safe and nurturing learning environment, so all children are expected to support and care for each other.


Class 4 are a happy and enthusiastic group of children who are eager to investigate and learn about everything; it’s great to be part of their learning journey and see their progress. We enjoy celebrating successes in and out of school and encourage children to share their successes with others and take pride in all of their achievements.


At the moment, communication is via email. If you have any general enquiries please email the school office. If you have a question about your child's learning, please email the class email. Email addresses are below.

Jane Nicholls



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