Welcome to Milverton Community Primary School and Pre-School

Our aim is to help everyone associated with Milverton School and Pre-School feel part of a lively, caring and active learning community. We believe that education is a partnership between parents, staff and children.  Education should be fun. Children, like the rest of us, learn so much better when they are enjoying what they are doing. Our school ethos is best reflected in our motto:


‘We Care. We Aspire. We Belong’


 All of the adults that work in our school have a strong interest in the happiness and wellbeing of our children, and are keen to ensure that every child has the opportunity to develop and reach their potential. Our beautiful school grounds, full of mature trees and a variety of natural habitats, encourage us to be innovative in utilising this space as a valuable teaching and learning resource through regular Forest School and outdoor learning sessions. Please see our Forest School page on our website. This also inspires an environmental awareness in our pupils and has galvanised a firm environmental commitment in us all. The school was first recognised as an Eco School in 2006 and we are very proud to be holders of our 7th Green Flag Award. We also believe that children’s mental wellbeing is as important as their physical wellbeing. We support this through regular mindfulness sessions in class and we have recently introduced yoga sessions. Please see our Wellbeing page on our website. 


The school has an excellent academic track record and a long history of high expectations and achievements. Our 2018 results illustrate our academic success, putting Milverton School in the top 20% of schools in England for progress and the top 10% of schools in England and the top 5% of schools in Somerset for attainment. Our curriculum is broad: we teach termly ‘Quests for Learning’ which are designed to make learning fun, accessible and tangible to our pupils. It is essential that the children grow to see themselves as learners; eager to explore, understand and find their place in the world. Our primary school is just the beginning of their lifelong journey of learning.

We asked our members of our School Council to describe their school:


"It is a friendly and welcoming school with lots of things always going on. We love the fact we have lots of outdoor space and lovely old trees!


There is always lots to interest us; loads of clubs and we go on many great trips out.”


Our teachers always make our lessons really fun!


We really feel part of the school, and feel that we belong.”


'The best words that describe our school are: Awesome! Caring. Beautiful. Friendly. Eco-focused. Sensational!


We hope this website gives you a flavour of the school and if you have any queries please contact the school office on 01823 400439 or email office@milvertonprimary.co.uk. If you require paper copies of any of the information we have on our website please ask at the school office.