On Monday some members of Years 5 and 6 went to a cross country race at King's College. The course was muddy, wet, and  had a lot of hills. We ran 1,500 metres (which is 1 mile.) Year 5 went first and it was mixed girls and boys. There were 119 children in the Year 5 race. Luke came in 3rd out of all the children! Once year 5 had finished, Year 6 started. Year 6 was off to a great start and there were 95 children racing. Year 5 cheered Year 6 on! George came in 1st out of our Year 6s. Thank you so much Miss Storey for cheering us on and supporting us, and well done to everyone who took part because we all managed to finish the race!      by Amelie and Sophia, Year 5