What a fantastic residential Class 6 had to Charterhouse!  We had 4 days of fun activities, great food and good times.  We took part in lots of great activities such as caving, climbing and archery.  The children listened well, took on challenges and were very supportive throughout the week.  These great qualities were commented on by the Charterhouse staff on many occasions which is something we are very proud of.  Please can I say a massive thank you to Mrs Lapthorn and Mrs Farrow for giving up their time to come with us.  We are currently sorting through the many photos taken during the week and should be able to share them with parents and carers very soon and here are a small selection!         Mr Penny



On the morning we set off for Charterhouse we were all so excited because we had not been on a residential for ages. When we arrived we went to our dorms to unpack. Our first activity was a team challenge and we all worked together. After our hard work we had a break and then had our supper. For our evening activity we went on a night walk. We went to bed and had a good sleep to be ready for the next day. The next day we were split into 3 groups with all different activities: caving, climbing, archery, low ropes, gorge walk. After that we had dinner then went into the hall for a quiz. On Thursday, we rotated the activities around so we each had a go at everything. In the evening we went outside for a cosy, warm campfire. We each were given 3 marshmallows. One of the instructors called Tom told us a story about a man called Malcolm. We then had a talent show where each dorm performed a talent. Reuben won because he has knows every flag in the world! On the last day we did orienteering and made pop bottle rockets. We were so sad to leave but excited to see our families when we returned to school.     by Maia and Lettie