On Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th, a group of students from Class 5 took part in Bikeability. 

The first morning was spent learning basic rules of the road and how to keep in control of the bike. The children used the space on the junior playground to learn the practical side whilst the theory (signs + signals) was learnt in Toasties. 

The small group of 11 were then spilt into two groups and they spent some time going down Huntash Lane, practicing their U-turns before returning to the school. 

The second day of Bikeability was spent in the village. The year 5s cycled down to Rosebank Road to practise coming in and out of cross roads. 

A special thank you to Mrs Downs, Mrs Bray and our Bikeability teachers Amy and Wendy for being the reason the session went ahead and was a success.