Class 5

Welcome to Class 5

My name is Alice Gauntlett and I am the year 5 teacher here at Milverton Community Primary School. As a Newly Qualified Teacher I aim to bring a fresh and current approach to our classroom along with a variety of experience within education. I have worked as both a Pre-school Teacher and a Higher Level Teaching Assistant for the last four years. I attended Milverton School myself (many years ago!) and I believe, as parents of the school, you will understand why I am so delighted to be back!  

In Class 5 we welcome lively and enthusiastic learners and we value that everybody brings a different skill set to the classroom; because of this our teaching style is varied and creative. Mrs Downs and I are enthusiastic about using the excellent outdoor facilities here at school and, as such, we aim to take the learning outside of the classroom whenever we can. This includes taking part in a variety of educational trips and an exciting residential trip to Kilve during the spring term.

Reading is a great passion of mine and I encourage the children to continue to generate their imaginations by reading for pleasure regularly at home (15 minutes a day out loud to an adult who might ask questions about the text). This will help develop their reading, writing and spelling ability and to compliment this I ask that they practice their spellings (with an activity) each week. Continuing to work on their times tables knowledge is imperative also. Spellings will be given out on Tuesday and tested on Monday.  Some home learning will be set regularly throughout the term. This will be in the form of a maths activity set on a Tuesday to be completed by the following Monday giving the children ample time to ask for help if it is needed.  Maths activities will often be based on  If children struggle to gain access online, then the school computers are available during break and lunch times.  Your child has a grid in their reading record in order to record their homework details. Their record book will also provide you with a progress record of their spelling tests.

Mrs Downs will be working with your child from Monday - Thursday inside and outside the classroom to reinforce and extend their learning. Mrs Yon will be teaching the class on a Thursday and Friday afternoon and will be working in collaboration with me to provide great lessons that enhance your child’s learning.

P.E. sessions are timetabled for Thursday afternoon and Friday morning and swimming will take place for those needing to attend on a Wednesday morning. The children will, however, need their full P.E. kit at school for the whole week.

Parents are always most welcome in the classroom. I’m sure you can appreciate that mornings are particularly busy and the children are always keen to get started on their learning. With this in mind I would really appreciate it if you could catch me at 3.15 pm onwards Monday – Thursday.

I hope that the children will leave Class 5 having had an exciting year, rich in creative learning opportunities. We aim to develop their confidence and desire to challenge themselves ready for year 6.

Alice Gauntlett

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