Class 4

Welcome to Class 4

My name is Peter Coupe and I am the Year 4 teacher, Assistant Head Teacher and mathematics coordinator here at Milverton Community Primary School.  I have been at the school for quite a few years now, however, once you see the school, its fabulous grounds, the supportive parents and the great kids you will know why!

In Class 4 the children are developing much more independence and responsibility. They have made the transition from Key Stage One to Key Stage Two and are now established learners, who are encouraged to steer the aspects of their learning through our termly Quests. This involves special ‘deeper learning days’ where the children can spend a greater amount of time being fully immersed in an area of our Quest that really interests them.  We aim to give a cross-curricular experience of learning starting with an exciting quest ‘entry’ and a summative ‘exit’. 

To encourage greater responsibility in school, each child will have a specific classroom job.  They will be  encouraged to work as a team, support each other and participate fully in the learning that is on offer at school.

Home work is an important part of your child’s learning and helps develop many curriculum skills, self-discipline and personal organisation.  It is expected that all the children will read regularly at home (15 minutes a day out loud to an adult who can ask questions about the text), practice their spellings (with an activity) and work on their times tables knowledge. Spellings will be given out on Monday and tested on Friday.  A maths activity set on a Thursday to be completed by the following Tuesday giving the children Friday and Monday to ask for help if it is needed.  Maths activities will often be based on  If children struggle to gain access online, then the school computers are available during break and lunch times.  The children will also be given a half termly set of KIRFs (Key Instant Recall Facts) to practice.   Each child has a grid in their reading record in order to record their homework details.  Children will be rewarded for the homework completed on time.  However, children who do not complete it will do so in their own time at school (break/lunch).

Mrs Brierley will be working throughout the week with individuals and small groups of children inside and outside of the classroom to reinforce and extend their learning.

Mrs Yon will be teaching the class on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings with the support of Mrs. Brierley.  On Thursday afternoons the sports coaches will teach the children and then Mrs Downs will finish off the day.

P.E. sessions are timetabled for Wednesday morning (swimming –starting 21st October 2016) and Thursday or Friday afternoon.  However, the children will need their full P.E. kit at school for the whole week.

Parents are always most welcome in the classroom. If you need to see me about your child then try and catch me before 8.45 am any day or at 3.15 pm on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.  .

Pop in and see us in action if you can. I look forward to meeting you.

Peter Coupe

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