2 April 2020

Class 6 had an amazing trip to the Isle of Wight. The weather was fantastic all weekend long and the children could partake in many of the activities in glorious sunshine. The children showed great maturity all weekend; they worked well as a team and all pushed their boundaries and got involved in the activities whole-heartedly. The staff enjoyed the children's company hugely and were proud of their fantastic behaviour. All the activities were enjoyed by the class and teachers alike, but the most favourite was the gravity-defying 3G swing! As you will be see in the gallery of photos, the children got involved in a huge array of different activities. The staff got the ferry to blow its loud horn to scare the children - it worked! See if you can spot the photo.

Well done to all of Class 6 for making this such a memorable trip away, and thank you to the staff Mr Penny, Mrs Lapthorn, Miss Davy and Mr Stead for accompanying the children on this trip!

Please have a scroll through the slideshow...