9 February 2020

On Tuesday, Class 3 and 4 took part in a fun Teeth and Bones workshop. We had a lady called Sam teach us and we learnt lots of interesting facts. She taught us the three reasons why we have a skeleton and drew a picture to help us remember. We have a skeleton for movement, support and protection. The best facts that I remember are; rabbits do not have bones in their ears, a child (0-25 years) has 300 bones in their body and when you become an adult you only have 206 bones.  My favourite part of the workshop was looking at the inside of my body. We wore a special t-shirt and you could scan the code on the t-shirt to see the inside of your body. You could see organs, bones and blood flowing inside of you. It was gruesome, but so much fun!        by Mathilda, Class 4