31 January 2020

On Tuesday 28th January, Classes 5 and 6 went on a school trip to Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. As soon as we pulled up next to the building we saw the amazing architecture and sculptures carved out of stone.  We were there to learn about the Ancient Egyptians. First, Class 5 went to the Egyptian exhibit while Class 6 had a workshop about the portraits of the museum. We studied and discussed strange theories about three paintings: the Mackerel Shawl, King Charles I (as a five year old) and the Duke of Portland. We acted out being the Duke of Portland getting his portrait painted. Then we switched places after having lunch. The Egyptian exhibit was full of artefacts from 5000bc, we saw coffins, scarabs and pots. There was an Egyptian mummy in a small wooden coffin which was my favourite.                        by Jonah, Class 6 and George, Class 5