31 January 2020

As part of the Mini Police scheme, Class 5 had a visit from P.C.S.O Louise and her colleague. She brought in two dogs; Fred and Heidi. Fred was a Golden Labrador and Heidi was a German Shepard. Fred is trained to search for harmful drugs and Heidi is trained to search for people. The police dog handler hid some drug decoys around the classroom. Fred searched for the decoys clockwise and found all of them very quickly. The dog handler had a special clicker and a ball and when he found a drug, she would click the clicker and Fred would speed over to her and she would give him a ball as a reward. We went out to see Heidi in small groups. She didn’t come out of the police car, because she was a barky dog, so we asked questions about Heidi and the police car.  We would like to thank P.C.S.O Louise, Fred, Heidi, the dog handler and Mr Coupe for letting us have a great experience as Mini Police.                                                                                            by Izzy and Jess