15 December 2019



On Thursday 12th December, Classes 5 and 6 held a Curriculum Evening to show off their amazing work and space presentations. In Class 6 we had presentations by Gwyneth, Max, Alfie and Tabitha. Tabitha’s project was the first to be presented; her fabulous project was about the planets in our solar system. Max’s project was about the vigorous training astronauts need to do for N.A.S.A. He explained about the ‘Vomit Comet’ which is a plane that creates a zero gravity environment for the astronaut inside. Alfie gave a wonderful presentation on the planets of the solar system. Here are some facts: Mercury is the only planet to orbit quicker than it can rotate, hence a day being longer than a year! You can fit three Earths inside Jupiter’s giant storm!  Gwyneth finished the presentations off with an interesting project about the tragic casualties of the space voyages. Class 3 was the Science and D.T zone with balloon-powered buggies, science books and Star‘o’scopes that allow you to see constellations though holes in the end of a tube. Class 4 was the Literacy, Geography and History section where both classes showcased the work on the space race and the sections of the Earth. Class 5 was the presentation display room of Year 5 and 6’s project work, sharing the facts they know about the planets, stars, moons and beyond, delving deep into space exploration. Last of all, the hall had the Star Lab; a mobile planetarium that is filled with stars and the constellations in the night skies.  by Jonah, Class 6