11 October 2019



On 4th October, Class 5 and 6 went to We The Curious in Bristol.It was fantastic! We saw loads of cool exhibits and did some amazing workshops, but best of all we visited the planetarium. When we got in, they gave us 3D glasses that made the view more realistic. After we were seated and comfortable, the guide took us through an interesting tour all about the solar system. They gave one of us a remote control camera to take pictures with. In the tour we learned some amazing facts about our planet and others. We were allowed to choose four destinations in the solar system that we would like to visit. First, we visited the Yin-Yang terrain of one of Saturn’s moons. Next, we visited the solar eclipse on Earth. A solar eclipse is when the Earth, Sun and Moon line up in a perfect line, meaning the Moon is blocking our view of the Sun. After that, we saw a meteor shower and a meteor storm! We then visited Olympus Mons, the tallest mountain in the solar system. Once we had finished,we took a look around exhibits upstairs where there is a big section all about animation and how they made Wallace and Gromit. What a Grand Day Out!! Thank you to all the parents that came along with us and to Mr Penny and Mr Coupe for organising it. by Freddie, Class 6