16 April 2018

Year 6 had an amazing weekend on the Isle of Wight. Our excited pupils travelled by coach and ferry on Friday 26th March and enjoyed 3 action packed days. At the Kingswood Centre, they were involved in many activities and only made more fun by the layer of snow that fell over the weekend! Cameron said, "We did some brilliant activities, including playing aeroball; which is like basketball, but on trampolines! Our overall favourite activities were the side-by-side buggies and the spectacular 3G swing. We had to drive the buggies around a course, which was great fun. The SG swing is when two of you are winched up to around 20 metres in the air. When we reached the top, we pulled the string and flew through the air! It was quite scary, but fun. It was extremely cold and snowy, but thankfully the snow didnt change our activities. The four days flew by and when we had to leave, it felt like we had just arrived! We had an amazing time and cam home with some great memories"

.Please have a look through the photo gallery!

Year 6 Isle of Wight 2018