18 December 2017

Class 5 & 6 put on an amazing curriculum evening here at marvellous Milverton School! A curriculum evening is an enhanced sharing assembly that takes place all around the school. Firstly, this term we have been studying space through our whole school Quest 'Journeys'. In September we made a scale model of the solar system thtat currently hangs in Classes 5 & 6. Our trip to @Bristol, where we visited the Planetarium and watched a show called 'Launch It' all about how rockets work, inspired us to design and present projects to the whole class. Four children (Benny and James from Year 5 and Tia and Sam from Year 6) were chosen to present their projects to parents at the curriculum evening. 


This term we have also made space buggies using recycled material and also using Lego WeDo sets, controlling them using the Lego Wedo app on iPads. We had to use coding to control motor, lights, sounds and sensors. We've also studied the structure of the Earth and learned about day and night, seasons and phases of the moon. We spent a lot of time leanring about different art rechniques in order to create our own solar system!

We also had the StarLab mobile planetarium in the hall and each class had a chance to go inside and learn more about stars and constellations. The curriculum evening involved each child taking their parents around the school showing them what they have learnt this term. Individual presentations took place in Class 6 throughout the evening and everyone had a chance to go in the StarLab and attempt to do code a WeDo moon buggy. We would like to thank everyone for coming along and supporting the children. A big thank you to Mr Stead for running the StarLab, Mrs Brierley and Mrs Lapthorn for their help in setting out all the children's work and Mr Penny and Mr Coupe for teaching us all about space!                                                                                                             by Zoe, Rosie, Jack and Benny, Class 5