6 October 2017

We all enjoyed a wonderful treat this week when some Masai Warriors came to visit the school. They told us about where they come from in Kenya, and performed some traditional songs and dances. The children were enthralled to see how they hunt got lions! It was a unique and different experience for the children, who were captivated!


The performers were warm and friendly and invited to join them in their songs and dancing. They has all the children and staff bouncing with their traditional jumping dance! The children were very excited that the group joined them for lunch, so that whty could ask more questions. Thank you to Mrs Smith for organising such a special and interesting event for us all.


Evie and George, Class 5 wrote, " On Wednesday 4th October, a group of people called the Masia Warriors came to school to perform their tremendous skills such as jumping, singing, dancingf and hunting for lions who come to their village to eat their livestock. We learnt that even though they are poor, they are very happy people and are amazing at making clothes and jewellry. We loved them coming and giving their time to perform for us"