15 September 2017

Brilliant @Bristol with a Perfect Planetarium!

On Thursday 14th September, Class 5 and 6 went to @Bristol to study space because our school quest is ‘Journeys’.

When we arrived we watched the ‘Launch It’ show.  This was a spectacular show that taught us about who went into space first and how they got there.  We learnt about forces and how explosions work to push rockets up into the atmosphere.  They set fire to hydrogen and it banged with an orange flame.  They used a wind machine and a smoke machine to show us aerodynamics.  It was a fantastic half an hour show. Next, we enjoyed all the interactive activities.  These helped us learn more about: forces, space, gravity, the human body, space ships, sound, animation, robotics, bubbles and magnetic sand.  We then had lunch and got ready for the 3D Planetarium.

When we entered we put on our 3D glasses in order to see the space quiz and the show.  It felt like we were moving, even though we weren’t!  The show took us to all of the planets, the dwarf planets, the Sun, Saturn’s rings and the asteroid belt.  The 3D glasses made it feel like we could touch everything.  It was AMAZING! You all really must go!                                                                                           by Reuben and Harvey,Y5


First we watched the Launch it show. Where we learnt about the first man to go into space. We watched and helped out in a series of extraordinary  explosions. Then we looked around the centre where many of us found the animations amazing, and the shadow graffiti awesome! Finally, to end the incredible day we went into the planetarium. We learnt all about the planets in a 3D show. Overall it was great day and many of us would love to go again soon!                                                                                                                              by Poppy and Sophie, Y6