16 January 2017

Last week, Class 3 and 4 went separately to the Somerset Earth Science Centre and Quarry. We went for a school trip to learn about rocks, fossils and how rock is quarried. 

Rocks: We were shown how to indentify rocks by testing how hard they were using a nail, what they looked like using a magnifier and seeing if they absorbed water quickly or slowly. We used an identification tree to name the rocks. We also looked at what the rock is used for. 

Fossils: We learnt how fossils were made by ordering sets of pictures and sentences. We also passed around feely bags and tried to guess what was in them. We then had to identify fossils using an information pack.

The Quarry: Each group went to the quarry in the minibus from the centre. The driver, Mrs Avery, told us about different rocks and quarries as we were travelling. We were allowed to look down at the whole quarry from a high view point. We could see people who were tiny compared to the 'benches' and machinery. We visited the control room where they controlled the crusher that crushes rocks to the right size. We saw how the rock is transported by lorries and trains and we were shocked how noisy it was. the trucks were enormous and one single tyre from the truck costs £20,000! Overall, the trip was a success and we all learned what the rock was used for from roads to table tops!                                                                                                                                                                                          by Tabitha and Grace, Class 4.