28 November 2016

It was a fabulous Friday when my class and I all went to Taunton Museum to learn all about the Anglo-Saxons and their history.  My partner was Ethan and we both sang fun songs and played lots of games whlist we were on the bus.  We were driving past a lot of houses and then I saw a sign saying Taunton Museum.  I knew we were nearly there because I could see a tremendously big house through the trees. When we were inside the Museum, we were told to go downstairs and to meet a lady called Chloe who told us some facts about the Anglo-Saxons.  She also told us a story about King Alfred and we all got to take part.  Sam and Reuben were the kings, I was an old granny and everyone else were villagers. After this, Class 4 and some children from Class 3 went upstairs to learn more from the artefacts in the museum and we had a task to complete. We then had lunch together.  After this, my class and I had a chance to make an Anglo-Saxon aestel, write in clay using the Anglo-Saxon alphabet and visit the museum one last time. Finally, we got back on the bus and went back to school. Overall, this was a good educational trip to the museum.                                                                                      by James, Class 4