30 September 2016

Last Friday Mrs Dove came in to school to show Class 3& 4 how to make clay models.  We chose our animals by researching them on the internet and printing pictures of them to copy. Mrs Dove taught us how to use the clay, roll it out and wrap up newspaper with it to make the body of the animal.  We had to scratch the clay and then apply wet clay (slip) to add legs, heads, arms, ears, eyes, scales and tails.  We then painted out animals and Mr Coupe is delivering them to Mrs Dove for glazing and firing. It was a fabulous, amazing and fascinating day. by

Skye and Harvey , Class 4

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Ceramics Day October 2016

We really enjoyed our day making clay models.  The models we made were based on animals. Some of us made tigers, lions and seals and other kinds of animals. We all thought every single animal that was made was fantastic! by Freya S and Robin,  Class 3.