29 September 2016

We would like to say a big thank you to Edward Ling, Olympic medallist, for coming in to talk to the whole school this week. Edward won Bronze at the Rio Olympics this summer in the skilled discipline of trap shooting. He showed the children the shotgun he used in Rio (to the delight of the children)! He also showed them the clay targets that are used, and most impressively, his bronze medal—which the children agreed was much heavier than it looks! Edward explained to the children how each competitor faces clay targets that are flung into the air at random angles and can move at 75mph, so you have to have very quick reflexes. Edward said that he grew up on a local farm, where from the age of 12 he was taught to shoot by his father. It is now a family affair, with Edward’s wife Abbey being 5 times British Champion amongst other successes and his younger brother Theo junior European Champion! He hopes that they will all make it to Tokyo 2020. The children really enjoyed learning about a different kind of sport and were in awe of seeing an Olympic medallist in the flesh! Thank you to Edward for  planting seeds in the children’s minds that with dedication and lots of hard work they can become Olympic champions too!