19 September 2016

These weren't the only monkeys at Paignton Zoo this week! Classes 1 to 6 visited the zoo on different days as part of this term's Quest topic 'Animal Magic'. The children took part in workshops and explored the zoo to see the wonderful array of incredible animals.

Classes 1 and 2 avoided the storms on Tuesday and had a fanstastic day. The children took part in a great workshop about classification and habitats. Then, after lunch, we explored the zoo/. It was brilliant! Daisy said, "We saw some giraffes and they had very big tongues!" and Beatrice said, " We found out that an elephant easts 18 cabbages a day, as well as other nuts and vegetables!".

Classes 3 and 4 went to the zoo on Wednesday. When we arrived we went straight to the Education Centre. This is where we had a talk about teeth and eating. We tried to identify animals by looking at their skulls. After a quick lunch we were able to spend the rest of the day exploring the zoo. The gorillas certainly showed off and gave us a scare by knocking on the glass! We were disappointed to have to leave and all od us agreed we would like to go again. By Alex and Iris, Year 4.

Classes 5 and 6 visited the zoo on Thursday. Unfortunately we did not get to see all the animals, as the zoo is HUGE! We enjoyed ourselves so much. We went to the Education Centre, where we learnt about evolution and adaptation. Everybody in Year 6 loved the tiger cub, he was so cute! We loved our time there and hope to go back. By Jack and Delphi, Year 6.