29 April 2016

On Wednesday last week,  our class travelled to Kilve Court for an exhilarating, exciting and exhausting camp.  The girls’ dorms were on the top floor and the boys’ dorms were on the 2nd floor. After a lunch of hot dogs and potato faces, we went out on the lawn for our first activity, team building.  We had to complete the ‘Towers of Hanoi’, the ‘Skis’ and the ‘Spiders Web’.  On this last activity we were not allowed to touch the rope of the web and we couldn’t go through the same hole in the web twice!  In the evening we completed the night walk which was 2 to 3 miles in length.  From where we were, we could see the lights of Wales across the bay which was extremely pretty.

For our meals we had a lovely choice. For breakfast we could have toast, cereal, a hot meal or all three!  Most of the teachers had a full English breakfast and a coffee.  On Thursday night, we played ‘Wide Games’.  These included: ‘Cheerleader’, ‘Evolution’ and ‘Giant Rock, Paper, Scissors’.  On Friday morning it was raining but we carried on with our activities of climbing and archery.  In the end I managed to get a gold (the very centre of the target).  At the end of the session the scores were added up and the other team had 275 points to our 210 points.  We lost but it didn’t matter.  Once we had finished we had a final lunch and then brought all of our suitcases down stairs and loaded them onto the bus.  After that we strapped ourselves into the bus and headed back to school where we had a lovely reunion with our family and slept for the rest of the day! by Sebastian, Year 5